Sleep, Love & Lilies


International fashion icon and textile designer, Dame Zandra Rhodes has dressed some of the world’s most stylish, from Diana, Princess of Wales and Freddie Mercury to Sarah Jessica Parker and Debbie Harry. One of the first designers to incorporate streetstyle punk into couture, Zandra Rhodes became known as the ‘Princess of Punk.’ Revolutionising garment shapes, Zandra incorporates her textile prints to create fantastical silhouettes. With an undeniably unique style which stands the test of time, the designer brings her signature aesthetic to the new LILIES collection.



Like many of us, Zandra Rhodes developed a newfound adoration for her home and sleep during lockdown. It was this renewed admiration that brought an international fashion icon’s artwork to handcrafted sleep. Recognised for her original use of colour and textiles, the new LILIES design reflects Rhodes’ signature maximalist aesthetic.



Designing for over five decades, Zandra Rhodes has created an extensive collection of iconic prints. From sketchbook to runway, ‘Field of Lilies’ is one of Rhodes’ most significant and recognisable prints. Taken from the original ‘Field of Lilies’ drawings sketched in 1971, Zandra reimagined the iconic motif in six exclusive colourways for Savoir. The elegant arc of lilies reflects Zandra’s expression of a Savoir bed; peaceful and romantic.


‘Art is my life and work. My inspiration starts here – I am always sketching. I take my sketches and either apply them into a print or take inspiration from my travel and art as a whole collection.’


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