For the love of colour


Our bedrooms are key spaces in our homes, with the bed being probably the most important piece of furniture we will buy. When it comes to colour, our choice can affect our mood and emotions as well as influence the feel of the room. Colour can make a bedroom feel light and serene, dark and dramatic or warm and cocooning. With this in mind, we’ve compiled some mood boards to lift the spirits.

Whether you are looking for inspiration for a new house or simply refreshing an existing room, our showroom consultants are on hand to offer design advice and talk you through the virtually unlimited design possibilities of a Savoir bed.



Radiant, joyful and optimistic, yellow is associated with sunshine and positivity. ‘Illuminating’  is one of Pantone’s colours of the year, a message of happiness and hope. When used in interiors, this vibrant hue injects energy into designs and works particularly well when paired with dark colours and shades of grey. A bright and cheerful yellow is the perfect way to modernise a classic Rococo inspired shape such as our Claudia, especially when it’s finished with a contrasting base colour and crisp piping.



Physically soothing and calming, making it ideal for a bedroom, soft pink has a delicacy about it and represents passion and romance. In the right shade and fabric, and when paired with neutrals such as black, white and charcoal, it also exudes sophistication. We recommend adding contemporary gold legs and tonal piping to elevate the bed design to something special.



The colour of sea and sky, blue is a naturally calming choice for the bedroom. Yet it’s cool hue also gives it a fresh and contemporary look. French blue has a little more warmth to it than many other shades of this colour, and looks especially striking when coupled with crisp white interiors and percale bed linen.



A dominant colour in nature, orange is evocative of vivid sunsets, warm spices, citrus and autumn leaves. It’s natural vibrancy and warmth makes it an inviting colour choice for the bedroom. Mix it with a splash of gold to inject an air of opulence. As an accent colour, it marries well with deep colours such as dark brown, black, shades of dark grey and dark blue to create a dramatic bedroom interior.



Your Savoir bed is a blank canvas for your unique design. Contact our showroom at [email protected] to browse over 200 designs and request a quote for your chosen style.

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