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We are Singapore’s #1 retailer for luxury bed, bath, and linen brands. Our collection consists of products from luxury brands such as Savoir, Abyss & Habidecor and Alexandre Turpault. Luxury Bed is committed to providing our customers with the best indulgence of a good night’s sleep with handcrafted beds designed to meet the standard of luxury.

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Our products are made of the finest and natural materials such as horse tail, for a supremely comfortable night’s sleep.


Customize the sleep experience that leaves you refreshed for the day ahead. Our luxury mattresses offer you a lifetime of quality sleep.


The ultimate handmade mattress that ensures every contour of your body shape is supported and cushioned for the first-class sleeping experience.

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Getting a good night’s sleep is fundamental to your vitality and health, and your quality sleep depends on your bed. Indulge in a lifetime of quality sleep with our handcrafted beds made to meet the standard of luxury and comfort. The ultimate luxury sleep experience that gives you the feeling of sleeping on clouds.


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Located at the Raffles Hotel, a significant heritage site in Singapore, we welcome you to Luxury Bed’s showroom. Discover a tranquil space that is perfect for sampling our handcrafted beds.

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