A life unhurried


This autumn we are celebrating the simple pleasure of switching off and relaxing in bed. Featuring world-class dancers from The Royal Ballet, Principal Steven McRae and Soloist Elizabeth Harrod enjoy a breath of calm with tea and the papers. Photographed in the Royal Suite at The Savoy Hotel, where the Savoir story began over a century ago.


‘As two professional dancers and parents to three young children, never before has recovery been so crucial. Our bed is our sanctuary, enabling us to recharge in order to make the most out of each new day, and when Sunday morning arrives and the whole family are tucked up in bed, we feel as if we are floating in heaven’

Steven & Elizabeth


Sleep has a huge impact on our daily lives, but what about that of a performer? Intensive rehearsals, late nights and constant training means finding the balance between work and recovery is essential. Sleep is fundamental to rest, affecting a dancer’s alertness, concentration, memory and learning. We speak to Gregor Rosenkranz, Strength and Conditioning Coach at The Royal Ballet to find out the role sleep plays in a performer’s life.



With its graceful curves, this new bed was designed in-house to celebrate our collaboration with the dancers from The Royal Ballet. Paired with our classic Georgian legs, the elegant Lenoir is upholstered in velvet from French company Métaphores. The fabric brings definition to the curves whilst shimmering beautifully in the light. The bed is named after Helen Lenoir, the late wife of impresario Richard D’Oyly Carte who commissioned the original Savoy bed, our No 2.

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